7 most important MBA interview questions and how to answer those?

Before we dive into the specifics, it is useful to know 2 golden rules for an interview that we suggest our clients:

  1. Don’t speak for more than 1.5 minutes at length. If you are going over this time limit, then you are PROBABLY not answering the question succinctly. And, you are MOST LIKELY boring your admissions interviewer.
  1. Follow a structured, easy to follow narration. You can read about storytelling techniques such as STAR or you could contact us to learn about more nuanced techniques.


Let’s talk about the interview questions you are likely to get asked:

  1. The first question is likely to be: Walk me through your resume OR Tell me something about yourself?
  • The primary difference between these two is that the first question expects you to focus on PROFESSIONAL journey. The latter, expects you to answer on both professional and personal front.
  1.   The next question is likely to be a follow up question on your profile either assessing why you need an MBA or what have you done professionally: it could be


Professional stories:

  1. Talk about a leadership achievement: Here, use the same STAR format (or modified STAR technique- speak to us to learn more) to create an effective answer.
  2. Talk about a failure: Similar to above
  3. What do you like/dislike about your work
  4. Talk about your strengths/weakness
  5. Constructive feedback you have received
  • These are story based questions- make sure that you have a few stories ready (by ready it should be crisp, easy to follow and narratable in 1.5 mins)
  • Smile and speak confidently 🙂


Why MBA: (in 95% of the cases the interviewer asks the following two questions)

  1. Why do you need an MBA?
  2. Why do you want to go to the business school that you are interviewing for?
  3. What would be your next career step without an MBA?
  4. How have you researched about the business school that you are interviewing with
  • These are logic based questions. Please don’t narrate stories here. Like a lawyer, you simply need to state facts and prove your case of getting admitted to a business school.
  • Since these are logical questions, please get these stories tested by an expert or someone who knows about business schools.



  • Would my interviewer read my essays before the interview? It is unlikely, but s(he) might, so have logical consistency across your essays and interviews.

Should I make the interview conversational? Yes, you absolutely should. To facilitate this, after you finish speaking a point, pause before     you speak the next. This gives the admissions interviewer an opportunity to interject and ask questions.